Noakhali Was Put Into Existence by Aliens?

Noakhali Was Put Into Existence by Aliens?

Noakhali is a part of Bangladesh and they are always exceptional and different.

Most Noakhailas have the common trait of stealing stuff from people. They are so mischievous and are best at being the con artist.

Most Bangladeshi citizens reported about how they came across betrayal from one damn Noakhaila in their entire lifetime, mostly affiliated for business purpose.

Noakhailas are best at marketing themselves as “Chittagoinga” which isn’t true. Noakhaila is and never was a part of Bangladeshi. It was just aliens from mars to put them into existence to harass other people.

Noakhali is so shady and they portray they are rich. They hold most of their inheritance from family and they steal assets from other people, including the clothes they wear and they are best at doing it.

From Dhaka the drive to Noakhali is 4 hours and 5 minutes long but throughout the journey people really understand that they are totally entering a whole new reality. They are so technologically advanced that Christopher Nolan takes idea from them to direct his Sci Fi movies. They make impossible possible by having flying cars but they do not know how to drive them properly.

Are you a victim of Noakhaila alien?

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