Husband’s Deleted Messages Are Recovered Here

In Mirpur, wives have met with their only friend, insecurities. Is my husband having affairs with others? That’s what she says after the 100th time she’s cheated on her husband. Still, a woman will be a woman. Isn’t that what ladies are like? Even if the women had cheated on their husbands’ hundreds of times, they have gathered here to recover their husbands’ deleted messages were and whether or not they backbit about them.

Thanks Facebook For Recovering Deleted Messages

After many requests from the ladies, Mark Zukerberg couldn’t resist the women’s charm. The billionaire himself opened up a booth here in Mirpur, Bangladesh to help the women in need. Women had made Zukerberg crazy as his inbox was filled with ” please let me see my husband’s deleted messages.” What a pity for Bangladeshi husbands, the husbands didn’t even bother to text Mark for their wives’ deleted messages.

Right after putting a booth to recover your husband’s deleted messages, there was no coronavirus. Why you may ask. In just 30 minutes of opening, there was no space for the ladies to stand, with a line of 3km. The ladies didn’t think twice of covid 19 and started to push one another to get relief from their insecurities.

Both Mirpur and Facebook Are Billionaire

Facebook is on the verge of getting on the top 1 richest country for Mirpur. They cost BDT500 to restore each Facebook message. And it went crazy like expected, each lady spent a minimum of 10000 BDT to restore all the suspicious messages. There is no doubt that from towards on the divorce rate will increase in Bangladesh. Till now there is no news of how many families have broken down into pieces for this but Court is expecting some guests anytime soon.

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