Is Shakib Khan Coming To Game Of Thrones?

Season 8 was all it needed to make all the good seasons come down to make it a bad series. But wait, if you are a Game Of Thrones fanboy and frustrated for their shi**ty season 8 then say no more. Want to know why? It’s King Khan AKA Shakib Khan who is taking over Season 9.

Shakib Khan (nicknamed SK) is a Bangladeshi film actor, producer, occasional vocalist, film organizer, and media personality who has worked in Bengali films in both Bangladesh and West Bengal, but this time it’s Hollywood Baby.

Recently a post was taken into account from his Facebook account where he is seen sitting on an Old King throne with a touch of class. But wait is this just a teaser of his new Bangla movie? I think not! The set of the Bangladeshi film industry is not that good as it looks in the picture. Then where is it? Hollywood maybe?

Well, from the looks and all it seemed definitely like a Game of Thrones Set for that Throne that Shakib Khan is sitting on.

But Why Shakib Khan On Game of Thrones?

As we all know and have to agree that the HBO TV series died after season 8 was released. But after all the why will the writer of Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin, cast Shakib Khan as one of the main roles in the series?

Come on, learn to appreciate. You and I both Know what Shakib Khan is capable of. Just because he is born in Bangladesh makes him the most underrated actor in the whole world. And yet we still don’t appreciate him. But the directors and story writers have found the talent. They are going to cast Shakib Khan in their series to regain the fame and name that they have lost all through season 8.

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