Jaya Ahsan Announces That She Won’t Marry Until She Is 25

Bangladeshi actress and producer Jaya Ahsan. She began her career as a model and subsequently as a television actor. And she now works primarily in Bengali films in Bangladesh and India. Jaya was nominated four times for the Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Actress for her roles in Guerrilla (2011), Chorabali (2012), Zero Degree (2015), and Debi (2018). She earned the Best Female Actor prize in the Foreign Films category at the Madrid International Film Festival 2020 for her work in the film Robibaar. She’s won a lot of awards, and she’s also won a lot of hearts. But what she revealed crushed the hearts of every fanboy.

Jaya Ahsan Is Still Young

Jaya Ahsan revealed when she would marry in her most recent interview on a television station. Yes, every fangirl and sugar daddy was counting down the days till they could propose to Jaya Ahsan at her house. Finally, they will be made aware of it. Jaya Ahsan has stated that she plans to marry when she reaches the age of 25. It’s terrible news for all the guys who have been waiting to marry her because she is just 20 years old and has had to wait over 5 years. Ah! What dreadful news! Her appearance makes her appear to be 16, but when others learned her true age, they were startled since she is far too young to be 20.

No Homo

Not only guys, but even girls, are crazy over her? Wait, there’s no homo! Her mystery has them all hooked. You might wonder what her secret is, and the answer is her youthful skin. She’s 20 years old, yet she still has the appearance of a 16-year-old. Girls are going crazy over her comment section, wondering what juice she drinks to keep her looking youthful and what oil she uses to make her hair seem so great, and so on. You already know how girls are!

Guys, don’t get your hearts crushed since you never know when she’ll alter her mind and narrow her marriage options. So be prepared to show up at her place with flowers and chocolates at any time.

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