Justin Bieber Accused Of Mocking Islam Wearing Headscarf At Utah Concert

Due to his appearance wearing the hijab at one of his recent shows in the US state of Utah, Canadian pop superstar Justin Bieber has caused a great deal of controversy in the last few hours, as he topped the Arab and worldwide search engines.

The pioneers of social networking sites shared videos and a group of photos of Justin Bieber, who is engage in singing at his party, wearing the hijab.

Justin Bieber opted to wear a veil or scarf on his head with a white T-shirt and pants, creating an outdated, improper, and disturbing image.

Many caustic remarks were made about Justin Bieber’s look, which occurred as a result of his appearance in the veil in a way that surprised his followers all over the world. “This is what we requested for advice, I shall remain cloaked!” wrote several. “Bless him and congratulate him on the veil,” says the narrator. Also, “They assured him that covering did not detract in the least from his attractiveness.”

Justin Bieber And Hijab?

On the majority of the pages that uploaded photographs of Justin Bieber in the hijab. There were no positive comments on the bizarre style. Which some fashion experts called the worst in the famous Canadian singer’s career.

Moreover, the comments proceeded to give the news of Justin Bieber wearing the veil a humorous tone, comparing it to the roles of Arab artists, men who donned the veil in laughing comedies, to mock him.

Bieber learned to play numerous instruments at an early age. And when he was 12, he joined a local talent competition and placed second; his mother recorded his performance and continued to upload videos of her son singing and playing the guitar on YouTube.

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