Justin Bribed MasterChef Judges To Win The Finale

From preparing tacos for his girlfriends to winning the MasterChef Australia finale? There’s definitely something fishy going on here. Justin mentioned on the finale episode “I just cook tacos for my girlfriends to flailing and receiving Disappointed Dad energy”. So, to summarise, how can this failure receive such a prestigious award? We were likewise puzzled at the time, but our insider cleared everything up.

How did this taco maker win against these talented cooks, Pete and Kishwar? We can’t blame the game for this, but we can certainly blame the judges.

Why The Judges You May Ask

From our insider, it is confirmed that the judges have been bribed. Since the judges weren’t seeing any change in their bank account yet, the final episode arrived. They had no choice but to take whatever they get. That’s where Justin pops in, right after knowing the judges weren’t paid at the show. He took complete advantage of this information and bribed whatever he had in his savings. He was able to save $100 by selling tacos on the side of the road. The judges had nothing to lose, so they went for it, remaining biased towards Justin.

Why Didn’t Kishwar and Pete Participate

While Kishwar had her back from all over the country with their prayers. Full Bangladesh supported her with a full heart and spammed the comment section of MasterChef’s live session.

If Justin was given the option to take part in the bribe, Pete and Kishwar must have been given the opportunity to take part in the bribe and pull off a bribery session as well. But why didn’t they?

Kishwar and Pete were determined to win this challenge by being totally honest. They didn’t even consider bribing them more after seeing Justin bribe them to win. Kishwar’s homeland began to raise funds in order for her to bribe the judges in order for her to win.

What a fantastic show of support from her motherland! Given the massive support from Bangladesh, she made the decision not to proceed down the wrong path. MasterChef competitions should be run like this.

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