Kakoli Furniture Brainwashed Two Kids To Promote Their Store

If you’ve ever watched this film, remember that scene from The Shining where Danny, the kid with the trike, saw two little girls talking strange? Yeah, this reminded me of that. Got funny before it got really, really creepy with Kakoli Furniture.

A few days ago, in Facebook, a viral video published by Kakoli Furniture featured two kids repeating the same thing “Dame kom mane bhalo, Kakoli Furniture”. This went on repeatedly through the 30-second video with only the footage changing from girls just jumping on the sofa to rocking chairs. The rocking chair part seemed more allegorical. Especially with those close-up shots on each of their faces.

While the video’s been trending a lot, giving the furniture page more reach, what’s more baffling is the children at Kakoli Furniture advertisement. Like reading into this, scrutinizing the details, there’s some twisted message underneath it. The monotonous audio just seeping into your brain, putting you in a trance, not in a good way. And, needless to say, the children being brainwashed was really the unsettling part. Like, what kind of program did they run under these kids? This doesn’t feel like a normal nursery recital to me.

For all I know, there could be some weird enchantment placed over the furniture. If that’s the case, I ain’t touching them even if they low-balled the pricing for me like real hard.

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Written by Excalibruh

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