Kangana Ranaut Is Feeling Really Sad, From The Twitter Ban

Kangana Ranaut is a person you’d love to hate, more than your wacky ex because this hack loves to promote xenophobia while kissing Modi’s teeny tiny toes. Her Twitter feed is a gutter trash galore of sheer disgusting, insensitive, politically biased takes on current affairs. Despite that, her situation is pretty sad atm.

Just earlier, she was giving her two cents on Aamir Khan’s recent divorce. Like nobody asked her for it, but she did it anyway. And wouldn’t you know it, Islam was her major hitting point in the recent divorce fiasco.

A Downward Spiral

Kangana has been out of Twitter almost 2 months now. Let’s face it, she ain’t coming back anytime soon. But the one person who has to deal with that difficulty, is herself. Cooped up in her rich-people abode.

As if the no of bad ex-boyfriend memes about her weren’t enough, everybody is making fun of Kangana’s crappy takes on politics. The dire mental strain is silently killing her, pulling her towards a mental spiral of despair.

Which is, I guess is a good thing? But hey, what are we humans for. Despite our hatred for the worst kind of people out there, we tend to humanize them at times. Even if this particular case isn’t the easy sorts.

No Media For Crazy Ladies

While the world is keeping itself out of the negative spotlights and trying their best to heal one another, spiritually and innermost. Kangana Ranaut is well, being Kangana Ranaut with no change whatsoever.

A good remedy for her insanity is the psychiatrist’s office. Maybe a chiropractor who can touch the signals that makes her so obnoxious, and finally dampen the neural signals. Dear Kangana, if you read this, I always thought you were overrated. P.S: Stop simping for old turncoats, you look classless.

Oh wait, I forgot she has Instagram. Now she’s giving Yoga tips. Oh welp.

Written by Excalibruh

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