Kanye West Being Chased By Girls From VNS

Kanye West isn’t exactly in a good place, mentally speaking. His relationship with Kim Kardashian has been kind of strained as of late. His favorite president got ousted by the White House. Right now, even after the dude reaccepted god into his life. He’s still being weird about how his situation’s unfolding. I mean, this guy is whack, ya’ll know that, right? Well there’s been a few interesting developments just now, bear with me.

Anyhoo, so girls in VNSC doesn’t seem to care. He’s now on their radar. They’ve prepped their best outfits, picked the perfect filters, then started working out the best DM pics they could think of. All those snobby posers you see at some famous model’s Facebook post comments be jealous of these. They couldn’t match these girls.

Target Locked

I mentioned him being a little cuckoo? Yeah, well apparently the mental frustration he had dealing with his financial problems, Trump presidency, and lastly Kim. The mental fuse somewhat of lit up finally. You thought his deep religious love was deep cope? Well, this is the next stage. Kanye West has mentally devolved into his 12 year self. Sleeping with a teddy bear at bed. Doing Saturday and Sunday night prayers. Sucking his thumb often. Looking all mellow sometimes. Am not kidding, he’s mentally functional as a pre-teen this point.

So a bunch of girls goes hard on his DMs, asking for his attention. Kanye just wasn’t taking it, so he retaliates by leaving an anecdotal Tweet. Unfortunately, he mentioned something like “th*t” or “h*e”. This made kim even more angry, thinking it was about her, before she started being a pushover, pulling all the acts a distraught housewife would.

Kanye screamed, not trying to remember the prenup he signed before the marriage. Kanye’s deep coping mechanisms were going off-rails. He bought a love doll, decided to give it a name, and started introducing it to his company and co, as his new girlfriend. He’s Lars And The Real Girl.

Not Giving Up

Meanwhile, one of the girls from VNSC managed to catch a plane to America. Hot tailed it to his estate, and started asking him for marriage instead. Kanye, hitting his limit this time, got out of his delusion, and threw the love doll towards her direction. Not understanding the intent, the girl chased the doll that flew in the air before landing, thinking it was some weird gift from the rap god himself.

She eventually sold that doll off in Ebay, and got some killer offers for it. Did more than pay off for her trip to US, and back to Bangladesh. Meanwhile, Kanye entered a zen kind of rehab that looks and smells like Xanadu. But it’s another one of those California rehabs that cost ridiculous money to get in. Guess all’s well that ends well?

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Written by Excalibruh

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