Kim-Jong-Un Says He Likes “Riding” White Horses

In the movie film The Great Year of Victory-2021, North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is seen riding a white horse through the forest. The film shows that the government, commanded by Kim, is on the run. Despite the recent missile launches and tests, which have sparked criticism.

Pyongyang has already conducted seven long-range and hypersonic missile tests this year, setting a new record. As a result, international analysts are concerned that Kim Jong Un would resume long-range missile or nuclear testing.

Kim’s battle to reconstruct North Korea’s impoverished economy. That has been plagued by years of international sanctions and the Corona pandemic. Moreover, it is depicted in a documentary issued by the North Korean government this week. Kim is shown riding a white horse through the woods throughout the program. The white horse is regarded as the most important symbol of the Kim dynasty’s leadership in North Korea.

Kim Jong Un And White Horses

The documentary’s theme of horseback riding, according to Rachel Minyong Lee, a non-resident fellow at the Stimson Center in Washington, may have been chosen to showcase Kim Jong Un’s hard work and loyalty to the people. Also, Kim Jong Un has said at the bloopers that he had enjoyed “riding” white horses.

When Kim said “riding,” it was really suspicious. What did he mean by that?

It was an attempt, according to Yang Mu Jin, a professor at the University of North Korean Studies. It was to promote Kim Jong Un as a humanitarian leader. They’re attempting to portray Kim as a leader who cares about his followers and who gets tired of performing additional work for them.

However, the country is gearing up to celebrate the late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il’s 70th birthday. On February 18, North Korea will commemorate his birthday. In April, North Koreans will commemorate the birth of the country’s founder, Kim Il Sung, who was born 100 years ago.

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