Kim Jong-un Unveils 20Kg Weight Loss And New Haircut Matching His Grandfather

The world has been taken aback by the North Korean leader’s new appearance. Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s leader, took the spotlight at a special forces dog rally. His first public appearance in some time, revealing a remarkable weight loss and bronzed visual appeal. Pictures from the event were released late Thursday by North Korean state media. With reports claiming it occurred on Wednesday evening. Boss was dressed in a cream-colored suit with a silver tie and a haircut nostalgic of Kim Jong-grandfather, the un’s the country’s founder, Kim Il-sung.

Even though Kim Jong-un hadn’t spoken during the event, he was seen smiling with his grandfather’s haircut and giving high fives to the entertainers as he watched the parade. Throughout the parade, he kissed kids who displayed him with flowers and praised the parade crowd.

Kim Jong un’s Weight Loss Have Caught The World

The 37-year-old ruler was once overweight and an alcoholic, according to reports. Given his family’s history of heart problems, Kim Jong-un has been the subject of regular medical supposition. Both the leader’s dad, Kim Jong-il, and grandfather died of heart disease. Man is said to have lost at least 20 kg in recent months. His weight loss first capturing the public’s attention when he appeared after several weeks to hold a meeting at a ruling party conference in June. Following this appearance, state media claimed that citizens sobbed after seeing a thinner Mr. Kim.

North Korea is suffering from a serious food shortage as a result of a prolonged drought followed by a heavy rainy season last year, hence losing weight. The communist dictator is also battling to rebuild an economy that has been harmed by US sanctions over nuclear weapons.

Yang Moo-jin, a scholar at Beijing’s University of North Korean Studies, told reporters that he is likely simply trying to project the image of a “perfectly natural national leader.”

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