Kylie Jenner Confess To Have Plastic All Over Her Body

Kylie Jenner, who is no stranger to controversy, is tired of people asking about her plastic surgery. “Can you tell me where you had your surgery?” “Can you tell me how much your surgery cost?” She finally decided to open out after being confronted with these questions in her everyday life.

Even though she admitted to the use of a lips filter, she is still being interrogated. She grabs everyone’s attention with her puffed chests and bubbling bottoms. Kylie Jenner eventually chose to appear in an interview only to answer these surgery-related questions after becoming sick of all the press.

“Why is it that everyone is so concerned with my appearance?” At the beginning of the interview, Kylie stated. Kylie sounded really miserable during the conversation. She exploded off as soon as the interviewer questioned about her depressing tone. Kylie Jenner said that her relationship with Travis Scott was on the edge of breaking and she is going through a lot with it. She finally confessed about her untold surgery body.

“Yes, I had my top and bottom surgeries, and I now admit it, but it was not my decision,” she expressed regretfully.

Who Wanted Kylie Jenner to Get Her Surgery?

The time when Kylie and Travis were secretly dating was when everything went wrong. Travis Scott meant it when he said in one of his songs, “I’m an A$$ and tidd!es lover.” He always wanted his girl to get large since he was a passionate boyfriend. Kylie talks about how pushy he was about the surgery and how he threatened to break up with her if she didn’t go through with it. She eventually did it for him. “I love him and can’t imagine my life without him,” she sobbed. However, what this Scott demands of her have led to her current situation. He wants to go her bigger with the good stuff. Travis has stopped responding to Kylie’s texts since she rejected his offer. He is now attracting a large number of girls to his home and has lost interest in her.

Kylie Jenner has finally spoken her heart out and wants justice from all of us. She is suffering from depression as a result of the regrettable surgeries she has had. Kylie Jenner finished the interview by wondering if there was a way to remove Travis Scott from her mind through brain surgery.

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