Kylie Jenner’s Plastic Body Is Melting For Global Warming

Kylie Jenner, like the rest of humanity, is at risk right now. Global warming is something we’ve been taught about in school, and we must do something about it. Now is the time, and it is too late for us to turn back. But Kylie Jenner had no idea that global warming would play such a significant role in her life now.

While Kim Kardashian was absorbed in her efforts to make her seem beautiful, she forgot about reality. And now she’s experiencing full-fledged regrets. She is now completely plastic, as we all know, following her full-body surgery. As the temperature climbs, Kylie Jenner is discovering it is more difficult to preserve her attractiveness.

Making Travis Scott Also Suffer

Travis Scott is also not at peace. He’s in constant fear after witnessing her beloved girl melt in the heat when they were having an intimate moment. Scott finally wanted to tell his fans what was going on after all of his hardships. He sent out an odd post about Kylie and how she was melting from the heat, not him. Travis thinks it’s a kind of betrayal since she previously told him, “Only you make me melt baby.”

Who Gonna Buy Kylie Jenner Drinks Now?

Now as Kylie came across the signs that Travis gonna leave her soon she is worried. Who is gonna buy her drinks after seeing her real face? Every time she goes to clubs or parties she always has a flirty guy buying her drinks but no more Kylie thinks. She is also concerned about her business as she is the brand ambassador of her own Kylie Cosmetics. Will anyone buy her products anymore after the disaster.


Say no more, Kylie is a smart lady who is considering undergoing surgery again, but this time with higher-quality plastic. Kylie was reportedly sighted near a Surgery facility. There’s a good chance she’ll do it again and maintain her plastic lifestyle. It would be better for everyone if she used all of her surgical funds to fund climate change research.

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