Las Vegas Hotel Cleaner Impregnated Herself With A Billionaire’s Used Cond*m, Wins Child Support

With great minds comes great responsibilities and here a girl named Sara has proved it. You don’t need to do something innovative to become a billionaire. You just need to play smart and that’s it, you are a billionaire now. But who knew this Las Vegas hotel cleaner would do something so smart with the child support trump card that the billionaire also got amazed of. Sara also proved that just because someone works in a low wage pay or frowned upon jobs doesn’t mean you are not smart.

0 To Millionaire Real Quick With Child Support

James is a 29-year-old billionaire who lives in Ohio and moves from state to state for his business purposes. Last night, James came to this 5-star hotel called “Paris Las Vegas.” Well it is a pretty fancy hotel and James regularly comes here for business trips in Vegas but the uncalled happened this time. This billionaire loves women like any other billionaire and can’t think of a night without them. Just like any other night, he called up a girl to his suite for some entertainment. Fun was acquired but the future is not. As he left for a business meeting in the morning, Sara shows up to do her job. And that is housekeeping but with a chance of becoming a millionaire this time. She went to clean up the roam and suddenly finds the used cond**m with a chance of settling her life.

Sara immediately comes up with a billion-dollar idea. She decided to impregnate herself with that used billion-dollar stuff. And guess what, she was successful at it. After 9 months he went to court claiming James as the baby’s father and wanting child support. When James was called from the court, he got surprised. He couldn’t remember doing anything without protection.

Mind = Blown

James’s mind popped off as soon as he saw Sara cause he couldn’t remember using her for entertainment ever in his life. Sara was filled with confidence and argued with James for hour claiming he is lying. Sara always knew confidence is key. She then asked to test her baby’s DNA with James’s. As the court agreed, James was confident enough we will win. The tables turned when the result came in the courthouse. Announcing everyone that James is the real father! Well shocking for James isn’t it? It is confirmed that James is the father and hence Sara wins the child support, announced the court. That means 40% of his income goes to Sara every month.

After winning the child support Sara whispered something James would never have wanted to hear in his nightmare.

Always remember with great minds comes great responsibilities, you may be a billionaire but not a smart one. Never lay your used stuff here and there ever again.

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