Liton Das Took Run To Discount Percentage Too Personally

Whenever we think about opening batsman of Bangladesh we think about either Soumya Sarker or Liton Das. As of the ongoing ICC T20 World Cup 2021, Liton Das and Soumya Sarker failed to perform in these T20 World Cup. And there come’s the trolling from Bangladesh so-called entrepreneurs giving discounts on their products with the ratio of Liton Das’s score in the game, also called the Liton Offer.

As we Bangladeshi are a huge fan of cricket and we already know the reason. Bangladesh isn’t good at anything except cricket. So in cricket is what we put our faith and hopes in, resulting in a troll of Bangladeshi cricketers.

After every wrong play right after 5-6 minutes, a meme is seen on Facebook trolling that specific Bangladeshi player. But oh dead God, the most memes were against Liton Das and Soumya Sarker. But as of the last few games Soumya was not in the team for extreme bad performance. So the only one there was Liton to face all the trolls alone by himself.

Liton Offer

Then comes the Bangladeshi so-called entrepreneurs taking memes to the next level. A lot of the companies have started Liton Offer. What is Liton Offer actually? Well, they have come up with an offer that they will give discounts on their products based on the run he scores on the next game. Some of them were Run= Taka off. and some of them were Run= % off on their products.

Now what? The trollers got trolled really hard. Especially those who provided a Run= %off offer. Liton Das has successfully scored 44 runs out of 43 balls, making the Liton offer go BRrrrrrrrrr. Those who have given the Liton Offer are now in a trap as they never expected Liton to score so much in this match against West Indies. Well, jokes on you so-called entrepreneurs now.

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