Long-Lived A Crow Inside Xefer’s Hair

It’s now time to reveal Xefer’s long-kept secret. Xefer Rahman is a Bangladeshi artist who has created a name for himself in the music industry. She is part of a new and emerging generation that does not rely on traditional methods of self-promotion. She began her media career by utilizing social media platforms. She got her start on YouTube singing covers of popular songs and has since grown in popularity. But it’s Xefer’s hair that draws everyone’s attention; it’s merely a bird’s nest.

Big Hairs Takes Big Responsibility

Xefer Rahman had been petting a crow on her hair for a long time, it was discovered. She’s been petting it since 2016, and a piece of bad news forces her to admit to having a crow as a pet. Guys, the crow has died, and its name was “Kakku.” For Xefer, Kakku has been a significant thing because they’ve been pals for 5 years. Kakku used to live, urinate, and poop in Xefer’s hair, which served as a safe haven for him. Kakku has five children, all of whom he has landed on Xefer’s hair. Xefer also believes that crows are superior to people and dogs since she has never met anybody as loyal as Kakku.

Kakku’s Death

Kakku expired today as a result of Xefer’s hair stink. Because of the crow living within her hair, she couldn’t shampoo it. It had been 5 years, and Kakku had finally had enough; her hair smelled like a raccoon. After all of Kakku’s suffering, he eventually died and was free of Xefer. Xefer, on the other hand, stated that she was unable to wash her hair since she could not show anyone that she had been caressing a crow inside of it. It was incredibly private to her, yet she managed to keep it hidden from everyone. She didn’t wash it despite being repeatedly ridiculed and engaged in controversy because she loved Kakku.

Rest In Peace Kakku

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