Man Arrested During Haircut

Who doesn’t get thrilled about getting a new haircut? It’s even more thrilling if you haven’t had a haircut in a while and your posters are plastered around the city. However, when this man who is a relative of Osama Bin Laden, had the guts to walk out and get a haircut, he was arrested.

What a shame for the cops and one of the top ten most sought criminals in the country.

As a result of COVID-19, an Osama Bin Laden relative has been imprisoned at home for far too long. The police are no longer looking for him since his case file has been buried behind several others, and he is presently on holiday for Covid. Laden’s relative’s name is on the list, but he is no longer concerned because it has been much too long since someone has sought him out.

Bloodline Osama Bin Laden never taught him how to cut his own hair and also stated that cutting our own hair is banned in their culture (just before 9/11, Laden stated).

Broomy Hairs Into A Sleek Haircut

Finally, once the lockdown was lifted, he made a decision. Finally, he had his broomy hair cut. He’s finally gone out for the first time in a long time, with his frozen balls.

Every second, he wonders whether the cops are following him and will tase him at any moment.
” Ah, the cops don’t appear to be after me anymore.”

Laden’s relative walked across King Street to the barber. This is where he got his last haircut, which occurred just before 911.

The barber couldn’t tell who he was, and he didn’t even try to persuade him since he had learned something extremely significant from the experience. Except for Laden, no one should be trusted.

He obtained his number early and ordered the barber to cut his hair as short as possible with a gist of Messi’s haircut. He didn’t know when he’d be coming out. The barber started trimming without asking any questions.

While the barber was working on him, he had his eyes closed. Someone suddenly grasped his neck with both hands. He stared back, enraged and perplexed as if the barber had the audacity to do this to him.

It’s a police officer, ooppsssiee. “What did I do well, sir?” he questioned the police after he was apprehended.

The officer didn’t even say anything before pulling him over and escorting him to his police cruiser. He responds, “Well, well, officer, let me complete my haircut cut first.”

With this amazing half-cut haircut, he seems like he’ll be in jail.

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