Man Disowned By Parents After Only Getting An Unpaid Internship Job After Studying Abroad

Einstein is a gifted child. His parents named him after Sir Albert Einstein, but how did he find himself here? The fact that Einstein’s father believes his family is derived from Sir Albert Einstein’s bloodline is what keeps them going. But, in the end, they couldn’t take it any longer after his internship job news.

When Einstein was born, his father made the decision to pursue a profession as an engineer without hesitation. His parents, on the other hand, gazed at him as if he were their only son, full of aspirations and hopes. The man finished his education at Uttara’s Kholakunhok High School. Einstein received perfect scores on all of his examinations, making him the greatest intellect of all time. His father was pleased with him since he maintained his bloodline’s intelligence, but there was a catch.

Higher Studies And Internship Job And Beyond

Einstein had always wanted to study overseas because he felt he wouldn’t be able to acquire enough value from whatever academic credential he earned here. His father most likely paid everything he had to get Einstein to Toronto to study at the University of Toronto. Einstein had always intended to finish his studies in Canada and return to Bangladesh to live with his parents and achieve well with his academic degree from Canada.

After 5 years of hard work in Toronto, Einstein passed with flying colors and graduated, allowing him to immediately return to Bangladesh and seek work to support his parents. His parents were very proud of him and encouraged him to get a decent profession. Einstein, like any other Bangladeshi graduate, was hopping from one desk to the next in search of a basic good job.

When the bright student couldn’t stand it any longer, he got a job as an intern at a firm. To get a long-term job there, he must work for at least a year. When he went to his parents to inform them of his new employment, they disowned him. All these years, only to obtain this unpaid internship job? Einstein’s parents couldn’t stand it any longer.

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