Man Doesn’t Like Shawarma Anymore After Eating Too Much

Yousuf likes Shawarma, he likes them so much, he’s eaten all variations of them. Beef, chicken, fish, the ones with mustard, ones with sour curd, ones without meet at all. You name it. He has gone to the extreme in experiencing whatever delicacy any shawarmas provide. There’s no shawarma he hasn’t eaten before. That includes Shawarma House Mirpur.

In fact, Yousuf’s interest in Shawarma has gone into his blogs. Where he opened a domain just for the simple reason of writing about Shawarmas. Oh, and he’s not worried about weight problems, the man has crazy metabolism to remove any belly fat before they form up.

He seems like a guy who loves to have the time of his life, on his Shawarma crusade. But come that one faithful day, when he decides that he has had enough Shawarmas to eat.

I Don’t Feel So Good

During the pandemic, Yousuf had to put restrain onto himself for the safety of his friends and families. Despite that, his urge to try out Shawarmas have put him in a bit of a manic state. He wasn’t happy that he hasn’t eaten a good Shawarma in a long time. He tried his best on homemade, but it wasn’t the same. His vibe with his family was a bit heated. He would get into arguments often frequently with them, and it got worse as time went on.


Finally, from a Zoom call, a friend of his from Australia finally shared a recipe he made from his job as a Sous chef. Yousuf, quickly called his close buddy downstairs to get to cooking up. All the ingredients bought up with his savings, they both got to making that gourmet Shawarmas. About 12 of them, 8-inch long.

Shawarma No Good At All

Finally, after being done, they get to munching on the savory middle eastern buffet. Yousuf wasted no time and ate like an animal, his friend was indifferent, knowing how Yousuf is at times about his food. So Yousuf ate, and ate. Unfortunately, his stomach couldn’t keep up with the 8 Shwarmas he had for himself, only managed to get 3 and half of them.

First he was devastated, then disappointed, but internally, after dealing with the indigestions, his cravings for Shawarma was gone, and he was feeling like he was going to puke. Over a year of not having them and dealing with the sickness, he was internalizing doubt. Part of him hated his stomach, but another kind of wish he maybe started eating something else instead. His head’s feeling woozy, Yousuf, gave up on his Shawarma hobbies just like that. He starts feeling empty on the inside. Now he’s a has-been, an ex-Shawarma hobbyist.

Written by Excalibruh

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