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Man Dumps His Girl For Not Letting Him Have Intercourse

Is it true that the only thing all men want is to have loving intercourse? “All guys are not the same,” some men respond to avoid answering the question. Despite all of the affection, Mithun just wanted to focus on intercourse on their anniversary date.

Mithun had high hopes for Sadia as he had been a magnet for females since he was 17 years old. Whereas, Sadia being a newbie to the dating world, didn’t get the gist of what Mithun was expecting from her. Mithun’s motivations are unquestionable. Seeking the same thing from Sadia is natural for him, raised as a wealthy brat with plenty of female presence. Mithun, desperate to fulfill his fantasies, invited his girlfriend Sadia to celebrate 1 week of their beautiful relationship in a fancy restaurant.

How desperate can he get on their date?

Sadia was a little suspicious of someone trying to celebrate such a little occasion. She didn’t think twice about going on a date as a nice gesture. When Sadia saw him arrive with expensive presents, she was shocked as she bought only a watch for him. Sadia sensed something wasn’t quite right and chose to wait until the date was over. Mithun afterward demanded that she give him intimacy as a present on their anniversary.

“I’ve been with you for a week and am ready to spend the rest of my life with you,” he said to Sadia after being rejected right away. Sadia was determined not to listen to what he had to say. Mithun became enraged and told Sadia that he didn’t want to be with her, leaving her alone at the restaurant. She realized that all Mithun wanted was intercourse and she is better off without him.

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