Man From Noakhali Eats Nivea Cream Thinking It Is Yogurt

The word yogurt alone conjures up images of deliciousness and artistry. Ridoy from Noakhali had the same thought as you. He learned about yogurt through a buddy in Dhaka whom he met over Facebook. Ridoy, a Noakhailla lifelong resident, is now unemployed and lives for sending friend requests to strange people and video calling them, but the unimaginable actually happened this time. His call was answered by a Facebook buddy, who gave this desperate guy a taste of Eid.

Noakhali Facts

When he saw his Facebook buddy eating something white, his mind went crazy, just like every other Noakhailla’s! Ridoy attempted to ask him what he was eating but was unable to communicate with him due to his Noakhailla accent. He managed to take several screenshots of their video chat out of excitement, forcing him to leave the call. Ridoy, being Ridoy, tried some typical things in order to locate the white liquid his companion was swallowing. Zooming in to 50x and discovering that it had all along been yogurt. But he had no idea what yogurt was. Ridoy afterward went out in search of the liquid, but he couldn’t find it anywhere in his town.

The Insightful Shopkeeper

He eventually discovered the town’s brightest shopkeeper after a long search. When Ridoy told the shopkeeper he was searching for something white and liquid, the grocer immediately reached into his stock and offered him the Nivea Cream. Ridoy was really curious about how it would taste and went home right away to try the untried.

Once he unsealed the Nivea Cream package, it looked precisely like the one he saw on the video chat. Ahh, what a day to try something foreign. Noakhailla grabbed the spoon and attacked the so-called yogurt, tasted wack! Wait, is this what Dhaka Guys eat? Only one plate for TK360? Damnn Dhaka must be expensive.

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Written by Vibwritor

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