Man Says The Afterlife Looks Like Mirpur

When do you see heaven? What you’d think to expect to find there? There are more varieties of Paan, some dame waiting to grace you, infinite amounts of V-bucks, the best kind of beef+porata servings you could find anywhere, maybe some Turkish Delights? Well, maybe for this guy, the strangest of all of the tall tales that took place in mirpur could finally set the bar for every afterlife story.

How It Began

It goes without saying, you never cross the road without looking both ways, but you never also cross the road when a bus, truck, speeding sports car, and in this case, a freaking CNG auto-rickshaw starts coming towards the road. Why would you? It’s a freaking death sentence. It is not the lesson that this man hasn’t learned, yet. At one point, he was in such a hurry, he damned any thought of taking precautions.

One thing after, once he was in the middle of the road, a speeding car hit the brake too late and hit him right on the side of his pelvis. His head eventually knocked on the hood of the car, and then he went slowly slipping to the ground. Some people gathered, including the driver to check if he was alive. Meanwhile, somewhere among the divine.

Wake Up And Smell The Fumes

The man woke up, not to the sound of the angels playing the harp, but the sound of someone blowing a ghastly annoyingly sounded trumpet and shouting “chanachurururururur“. He couldn’t make heads and tails, within his blurry visions, he saw so many figures passing by him without any means of slowing down.

He woke up to rub his eyes, then later gobsmacked to see he is in the middle of Mirpur 10 main way junction. Just on top of the foot overbridge. Confused, thinking why the afterlife looks like a densely populated macabre of a town, he heads on looking for answers.

Asking people on the road “is this heaven?”, they look very confused and off-put by his question. So, thinking he might have gone coo coo bananas, they ignore him entirely. A person observing him, however, went up close to him. Answering his question with a resounding “Yes, why this is heaven, would you not agree?”

Confused, he looks towards the guy who seems to be in worse shape than those vagrants around the streets, couldn’t deduce the fallacious nonsense, and decided to just go along with him. Thinking, since nobody is listening to him at this point, might as well follow the strange individual. Is no form done so far right? Well-spoken too soon, because he needed him to sign up as a disciple of some kind.

One Thing Lead To Another

He refused and wasn’t knocked out of his senses well enough to know that it was a bad deal. But strangely enough, people start gathering around towards the weirdo, after chanting some religious slogans and anecdotes. They were spellbound, fixed towards him without even loss of focus.

This went on until the stranger pointed the finger towards our man, calling him a blasphemer before he ran off with the mob chasing him. No police to stop them, no person on sight to help him. The streets of Mirpur were kind of empty besides him and the mob. As he kept running, his vision started to become near-sighted and blurry. Soon he could hear the mob closing in, the echoes of their disdain and anger raised his heartbeat.

Till he finally collapsed, seeing all the mobs gathering towards him in a circle. With his gaze fixed at the sky, but fading away.

Not The Ending You’d Expect

The man wakes up in the hospital. Finally, seeing reality, after spotting the nurse who was assigned to him, he starts narrating the whole thing. The nurse cleared out by saying that half of the things he said were true, though he replaced the part where Mirpur was empty and there was a crazy gospel dude.

The gospel man was an important figure of the town. Instead of vagrant clothing, he was dressed in expensive, nonsensically flamboyant fashion attire. When he asked him about the afterlife, the man just agreed and, well, kind of joked about it as well. Though, our guy caused a ruse and managed to piss off his gatherers.

This let him being chased around Mirpur 10, causing a huge traffic jam. How unfortunate considering it was rush hour and people were trying to get to work. All the horns, sounds of the angry mob, police blowing the whistle and all finally made him collapse. The police took control of the situation before an ambulance arrived to take him to the hospital.

When he was hit by the car, he somehow got up and just started rambling. Muttering obscenities in the opposite direction of the car, and the crowd. Before he started heading in the direction. This leads to the following situation.

He has been served with a court-mandated session, where he has to explain his entire situation all over again. Just can’t catch a break, can he?

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Written by Excalibruh

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