Man Was Caught Stealing Hilsha From Project Hilsha

Project Hilsha is known to be the largest restaurant in Bangladesh with beautiful interior and expensive dishes. People mostly return home without even getting to try their dishes as for demand and massive orders to be served there, people aren’t getting what they desire to eat mostly.

Thanks to clout in social media the place is getting so much highlight than it deserve as I assume, but the place is more like a national treasure as it gets most the crowd everyday and due to their massive demand they are quite known for unable to serve food. We’ve came along with news from various sources that they are paying most food-bloggers for fake reviews to keep them relevant in the market but who cares? In Bangladesh these food-bloggers are either hungry for free food or robbing money from PRs anyway.

We’re very much aware of what is happening but we all are having a chance to try some pricey food to get some social media attention.

The Mystery

A few days back, one notorious man with two ladies from Noakhali,Bangladesh were spotted in the renown Project Hilsha but were they imposers of some kind? OF COURSE! the suspicion rose amongst the crowd as three of these group of people were acting strange. And the crowd went crazy after hearing that a Hilsha fish was stolen from Hilsha’s kitchen.

The Doubt

Manager came in action after going through the CC-TV surveillance trying to look for the suspects but they went missing. After search they were found in the toilet of premises, all three of them together trying to flush the Hilsha through commode later they were taken to the manager’s room and under casualty the suspects were later demanded by the crowd to be taken away by the police to the custody for further assessment of their doings.

The Conclusion

Police arrived into the scene to take the suspects for further queries regarding the Hilsha fish they tried to steal, and the rest is now unknown.

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