Man Zero To Millionaire Just By Tiktok Referral

TikTok’s new strategy is to vibe by rewarding them for recommending their friends to the app. Users can earn points for rewards at their favorite retailers, according to the notifications given to them and the terms and conditions page. The user is given a unique invitation code (TikTok referral) that they may use to welcome friends and earn money. Aziz the TikToker, on the other hand, is the man who took advantage of it.

Aziz is from an average middle-class family who always wanted to support his family financially. But being a student just isn’t enough to earn you big bucks to even support yourself. All Aziz could find is part-time jobs which aren’t really even enough to buy him tissue paper for his late-night parties.

TikTok Referral To The Rescue

Aziz was always fascinated about making videos on social media. But monetization on those is pretty hard. Aziz came across TikTok as soon as his friend Tiktoker Ariyan claimed it to be the easy way of earning money.

Aziz had TikTok already installed as making cringy videos was his hobby. He came across the new option “TikTok Referral” and this is where Aziz has moved from Zero To Millionaire.

After figuring out what it is, Aziz went beast mode. He posted his TikTok Referral code on every social media platform. Starting from calling up his friends and family to open up accounts only by his referral code to texting random dudes to open up their own TikTok account with his code.

When denied he used to keep disturbing them till he got the bucks in his account. Well, these are not enough to make him a millionaire. Various discussion sites like Reddit and Quora were also not left out. Literally begging to open up an account from his code was all his words to these discussion sites. Out of sympathy many of them did actually registered.

Who will help you if you don’t help yourself right? Yea, Aziz strongly believes this as he opened more than 500 accounts just for getting that chocolate money in his wallet.

And now? He is officially a TikTok Self-Made Millionaire. With thousands and millions of people opening their first TikTok account, Aziz has succeeded in his life.

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