Messi Paid For His Acting Classes To Cry At The Press Conference

Lionel Messi held back tears as he opened a press conference announcing his departure from Barcelona, the club where he has spent his entire career. “This is really challenging; I was not expecting it. Last year, I was persuaded to go, but this year, my family and I decided to stay, since we wanted to continue here, in our home,” Messi stated. Isn’t that sad? You would think he cared for the team after Messi was crying, but there’s still a catch.

Footballer to Actor?

Lionel Messi, Barcelona’s darling, was recently sighted at The Actors Workshop Barcelona, a drama school. Isn’t this one of Barcelona’s top theater schools, and Messi was sighted there? As a footballer, what was he doing there? After Messi’s highly emotional press conference, it’s no longer a secret. He is a tough man who seldom cries in matches, but this time he did so during a press conference, which was particularly skeptical.

Insider Of Lionel Messi’s Press Conference

Lionel Messi has dribbled us all like he dribbles the entire game’s 11 players. What a thrilling game! He went to the Drama School in Barcelona just to study how to cry, just as he learns passes from his coaches. After just 5 days of practice crying at school, Messi has effectively deceived us. He appears to be a quick learner. PSG was paying a lot behind the scenes, but Barcelona couldn’t afford to compensate him owing to their present financial predicament. He, like every other football player, was more concerned with the money than with the connection. But Lionel Messi can’t show his supporters that he’s going for financial reasons, can he? The news of his transfer to PSG has already crushed his fans’ hearts. The only way to win his fans back is by making them emotional and Messi has played it very well.


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