Modi Banning Twitter For Kangana Ranaut

Remember that ban actress Kangana Ranaut got? Well it seems in a fit of rage, figuratively speaking, over the actions of Twitter banning his no.1 supporter, prime minister Modi is now considering banning all social media platforms. Especially Twitter. Actually even more so to an extended degree.

The Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology has made updates with new intermediary guidelines. If none of the social media sites comply to them, they will be banned from the country. Of course, Modi seemingly upset about what happened to Ranaut and her sister, wants to retaliate by taking things a lot further.

He previously commented about Twitter after the incident, giving remarks like “what’s the point of tweeting if you can’t politically talk your way out of things?”. He called most of the outraged userbase a bunch of “Nanny, pamby babies without their bottle or pacifier to suck on”. While calling the site a democratic failure to social crisis.

Modi Reckoning

Twitter will need to make some big changes to their policies if they’re going to have to work in India. Modi introduced a few guidelines and made numerous advisement. About what Twitter should do about who gets banned and who doesn’t. Needless to say, Twitter was pretty taken aback and has asked the ministry to step into the matter. Modi swiftly takes back and redacts all the paperwork. Like nothing ever happened.

Will Twitter still function? Yeah somewhat, though given the funny business Modi is trying to pull in, it’s going to be quite a headache. Twitter tries the diplomatic approach, Modi is just trying to undercut them over their attempts. Who knows, maybe he got other grand ideas in play besides the “Virat Roop” he is so fond of.

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Written by Excalibruh

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