Mom Asks Why Study In BUET If You Can’t Fix A Multiplug

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology AKA BUET is known for being the best. Out of all the universities in Bangladesh, BUET has topped all of them when it comes to engineering. It’s a dream for all the students out there to study here but only a few get the chance to. Thinking her son is an intelligent mind, she has asked for something that even Yusuf, a BUETian didn’t know how to do so.

Yusuf’s mom is a social media lover and an addict to social media. What does she do on social media you might ask. Scrolling through random clothing videos and face-lightening videos is all she watches. So charging her phone is a must and no compromise shall be made.

BUETian Pros And Cons

Yusuf’s mom inserted her type-c cable in her phone and it was not juicing up her phone. What was wrong with it, she was unable to identify at first. But after lots of inserting and ejecting she realized it was not her phone or its charger’s fault but rather her multiplugs. You and I would go buy a new multiplug but Yusuf’s mom was thinking something different. We would buy it cause our son ain’t no Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology student.

She immediately called up Yusuf to look into her multiplug and fix it. After looking at it for 10 minutes he realized he can’t fix it. So he casually asked her mom to buy a new one.

Little did he know his mother had such high expectations from her.
His mom instantly comes up with the classic. ” Why are you studying in BUET if you can’t fix a simple multiplug. You have done nothing but wasted my money and learned nothing.”

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