Money Heist Season 5 Is Out Now Casting Shakib Khan And Misa Sawdagar

The wait is finally over! Money Heist, one of the most popular shows, will premiere part one of its final fifth season on Netflix September 3 on Friday (September 3). The crime drama, which premiered in 2017, will now conclude with the fifth season. The fifth season will be released in two parts on September 3 and December 3, according to the creators. And the first volume has already thrown us for a loop. What the hell is going on here? What are Shakib Khan and Misa Sawdagar doing in Money Heist Season 5?

Well in the trailer there was no hint of them but well, Money Heist did manage to surprise us with the presence of these Bangladeshi actors. Shakib Khan and Misa Sawdagar were known to have gone on vacation in Spain according to their social media. But who knew that they would surprise us like that and make us proud.

Actions of Shakib Khan And Misa Sawdagar In Money Heist Season 5

Unique Person
Shakib Khan

The actions of Shakib Khan are just fabulous and have proved to the whole world why he is number 1, Shakib Khan. Tokyo, Berlin, or even Professor was looking like a rookie in front of him. His and Sawdagar’s sudden appearance is what made Money Heist’s first volume interesting and successful.

Talking about Misa Sawdagar, he is no less than Shakib Khan. He plays the role of the Professors best friend who is working as an alternative when the Professor is in Jail. Most of the tweets are saying that they are liking the character of Misa Sawdagar. The professor might get replaced by Misa Sawdagar because of his acting skills and sudden un-wanted expression which makes the whole series thrilling.

Money Heist Season 5 is a thing bro and you should definitely have a look at the series. No matter how much you hear how sh!t the series is, Shakib Khan and Misa Sawdagar made it interesting.

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