Money Makes Birth Certificates Rebirth Again

You will receive a twisted birth registration certificate if you give money. However, there is no end to pain in the traditional sense. There’s the pain of long waits. A verified source has attempted to verify the victims’ claims. The investigation also revealed the occurrence of extra money being taken along with the certificate application when visiting the Dhaka City Corporation regional office.

The pressure to get a birth certificate increases as the year progresses. The announcement of the corona vaccine for schoolchildren has speeded up the pressure by a factor of ten. The registration candidates, on the other hand, have had a bad time. When confronted about it, the person in charge initially denied it. When all of the registered candidates complained, he later apologized in front of the camera.

Even with greater money on the straight path, there is no relief. And if there is even a minor mistake, the risk multiplies several times. This office does not correct the manner in which that office wears its shoes. At the Khilgaon office, a different solution was developed. If the journalist asked for information anonymously, Ansar members proposed a wrong road. He stated that if the modification causes any problems, he will issue a new birth certificate. Only if both parents are NID holders. The agreement will have to be changed for TK 5,000, and ordinary birth registration will have to be changed from TK 800 to TK 2,000. I was asked to call later that night for a more in-depth talk.

Oopsie No Quick Birth Certificate For You

The tone of the conversation changed the next day when the journalist introduced himself. He stated that paying for a quick registration is not an option. And Ansar members have no say in these things; their job is to keep the gate secure.

However, Khilgaon regional officer isn’t aware of any inconsistencies among the field workers. He promised to put an end to the anomalies and prosecute the perpetrators. He believes that an investigation into who is doing these things and how the abnormalities are occurring is important.

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