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National Crush Jaya Ahsan Is Aging In Reverse

Jaya Ahsan, a well-known actress, is undoubtedly one of the most successful actresses of all time. She has been in a number of well-received films. Joya Ahsan has been a constant in our lives for quite some time. But how does she maintain her youthful look? She is not 20 years old, but she is 38 years old. Very Hard to judge by her looks right?

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Joya Ahsan’s young look must be the result of a secret recipe. Fortunately, she has shared some of her beauty secrets and suggestions in several of her interviews.

Secret SHhhhhhhhhhh

Apart from applying branded products and cosmetics, she uses raw coconut oil to cleanse her skin after a long day of shooting, followed by a nice toner. Jaya usually applies her own make-up to movie sets. As Joya Ahsan stated, the film industry does not look after anyone, therefore she must look after herself. Furthermore, because film budgets are limited, she cannot allow cheap cosmetics to come into contact with her skin.

Jaya ahsan

“Unlike 99 percent of Bangalis, I exercise consistently and sleep for eight hours every night to be fit and healthy.”

And this is how she got on the nerves of the Bangalis, yet her beauty is always there to calm them down since she can charm anybody.

Joya Ahsan And Keka Ferdousi?

Beauty Queen has also shared her deepest secret. Keka Ferdousi, yes. We puke every time we see Keka Ferdousi cooking because of the ingredients she uses, and we never want to try the recipe. But we haven’t yet recognized how healthy Keka Ferdousi’s recipes are.

In one of her interviews, Joya Ahsan stated that she follows Keka Ferdousi and refers to her as Joya’s beauty secret. She also stated that the effects she had after taking Keka’s formula were remarkable.

Surprisingly, the youngster has expressed her admiration for Kylie Jenner. And she hopes to be like her one day.

What are you waiting for? Go young again!

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