NEWS FLASH: President Trump Is Arrested As He Leaves Trump Tower In New York

According to reports from the Associated Press, President Donald Trump was detained by the New York City Police Department while exiting his former residence at Trump Tower on Sunday morning.

As per the Police Chief Mario Brann, his men were executing on an active warrant dating back to 1998, when Trump allegedly struck a victim and fled the scene while driving through the city. The pedestrian, who has not been identified, died as a result of their injuries.

“It is with great joy that I report that President Donald Trump has been arrested for his role in the 1998 death of a young man,” Chief Brann stated. “Mr. Trump is accused of killing the victim in a hit-and-run accident for which he was never prosecuted. That is no longer the case.”

Donals Trump’s Lawyer On His Arrest

The claims, according to President Trump’s lawyers, are “completely preposterous” and “entirely outrageous.”

Richard Moorehouse, a private attorney hired by the president, claimed, “There is no way he was driving through the streets of New York and killing someone.” “President Trump is incapable of driving. You think he’s ever learned to drive a car? However, the guy can barely navigate a golf course in a golf cart. He’s a complete imbecile. Nobody would let him drive a car. If the collision happened as they claim, we can confirm that Mr. Trump had a driver at the time and was not at fault.”

“I’ve heard of people arguing insanity to get out of a crime before, but I’ve never heard of someone pleading absolute incompetence to get out of a crime,” Chief Brann added. “I’m interested to watch how this develops. In any case, it provides everyone a few hours away from Trump’s ridiculous goddamn tweets.”

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