Next Year’s FIFA World Cup Could Be Neymar’s Last Was All A Controversy

Neymar Jr, a Brazilian player, has hinted that next year’s FIFA World Cup in Qatar may be his final appearance. As said in Neymar Jr and The Line Of Kings. He has played more than 100 times for Brazil in the last 11 years and was a part of the 2010 and 2014 World Cups, is the country’s second-highest scorer after Pelé.

“I believe this is my final World Cup,” the 29-year-old stated in a new DAZN documentary, Neymar Jr and The Line Of Kings. “I consider it as my final because I’m not sure whether I have the mental power to deal with football longer,” he says. “So I’ll do everything I can to perform well, to win with my nation, to achieve my greatest goal since I was a child.” And I’m hoping I’ll be able to achieve it.”

Brazil leads South America’s qualification group for next year’s World Cup with 28 points after ten games, after losing in the semifinals and quarterfinals of the previous two World Cups.

But Did Neymar Mean It?

According to the source, It was all a controversy by our favorite Brazillian footballer Neymar Jr. He doesn’t have any retiring plans anytime soon says Brazil Football Manager. It was all done to regain his lost fame.

During these tough times, Neymar has gone through a lot. Starting from losing fame to losing friends is all that this Brazillian footballer has been going through.

As per research, the director of Neymar Jr and The Line Of Kings wanted this documentary to go a long way. And so wanted Neymar too. This is the reason maybe this famous footballer has told the mass crowd that he would retire soon only to get the documentary going.

Neymar Jr hasn’t officially announced it yet. After the announcement, the media house wanted to cover Neymar’s story but he didn’t respond to it well.

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