NSU Student Sold His Kidney To Get A Razer Iskur

The computer market in Bangladesh has seen rough days, things aren’t going so well. Especially for major retail brands that sell parts as official distributor. Like UCC selling Thermaltake stuff or Globalbrand selling ASUS stuff. Everytime you got to buy just one part of a computer, like a RAM stick, the store owners nowadays tell you “bundled purchase only”. This is also a thing for Razer products.

This NSU student wanted to buy a gaming chair more than anything in his life. And he got tired of waiting for the pandemic to end. So, with no options at the moment, he goes to the black market to sell his kidney. Right after he gets his money, he goes to Startech’s website to order it. Puts in all the money he saved into his student bank account, then uses the debit card from EBL to fully process the payment. Little did he know, things were turning for much worse.

Dopamine Vs Respiration

Once his order was complete, he received a call from Startech, asking this “Sir, do you want to order anything else with the chair?”, he replied “Nope”. But then seller presses on “Sir, we don’t sell the Razer Iskur individually, you have to buy a gaming PC bundled with it”. The NSU student, extremely puzzled, checked the website, only to see one missing detail that got added later on. That he has to buy a gaming PC in order to get the chair.

He froze, his mind is stuck in a constant loop of “What have I done?!”. The phrase repeating in his conscious mind as he is deeply feeling remorseful about selling his kidney to get it. Now he’s stuck living his life with one half of the pair of kidneys he was born with. This was Startech’s fault, as per usual, since they forget to add bits of info like this on their site first before showing it is in their stock. The Iskur is sadly out of his reach.

Caught Razer CEO’s Attention

A friend of his provided some comfort, some relief from his deep sorrow. Then again, our NSU guy isn’t a good judge of character. That friend made a meme around this, but put a different spin on it. The narrative of his meme, however, changes to “guy already sold one kidney to get a GTX 1660 Super”. It got so popular, Razer CEO and founder, Min-Liang shared it on his FB account.

Razer meme

Written by Excalibruh

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