NSU Student Sold Off Her Kidney To Get Her Boyfriend A Gold Plated iPhone 12 Pro Max

Desperate times I guess. In a bid to win her unflinching love towards her boyfriend but with iPhone? She finally pulls out the big card. Knowing that living a long life without love is no better than living it in short-term with her beloved least. The love that binds her to his presence forever. That kind of love that knows no limits.

Yes, that even means giving off a part of her kidney to get the money to finally buy her boyfriend a gold-plated iPhone 12 Pro Max. Usually this variant of the iPhone costs around nearly 3000 USD. The kidney, of course, gave her ample amount of money to purchase iPhone 12 Pro Max without any problems.

What The Boyfriend Say about her efforts to buy him a iPhone?

Of course, knowing and yet in the most inhumane way, the boyfriend rejoiced. He finally got his iPhone and he couldn’t be any happier. Flashes his new phone with swagger, like no time to waste. He shows off and brags about it to his friends. Taking pictures, sharing Instagram pics, putting up tacky TikTok videos with some of the worst song choices for repeats. Also, being completely oblivious as to how he got the phone again.

Meanwhile, his girlfriend is in recovery. So she hasn’t gotten the opportunity to be with him yet in his most joyful moments. Though by the time she woke up, her beloved was besides her. Gently caressing her hands till the very moment she spoke. Their feelings for each other starts reflecting in their eye sockets. Effervescent with such deep affection. He finally gives a gift basket with some chocolates, nice uh affordable perfume sets, jewelry necklace from Aarong and a pine cone.

He thanks her for the phone, giving her some appreciation with some cheesy one-liners they both dig. Mostly because he sort of rose to fame thanks to the phone. Though as they settled and with a calming mood, they both eventually kicked back into the social media vortex from both their phones. But afterwards she asked to check the photos from the expensive phone.

As she was swiping, laughing while empathizing with his joy, she abruptly dropped the mood completely to 0. Why? Well she spotted someone she wasn’t happy to see, and he was ah, well too close. She screamed at him, later asking why he was with this skank. Boyfriend went from his cheery disposition to fumbling about, unable to answer her question with a straight face. It wasn’t long till she teared the package and shoved the pine cone up his nose like she recently learned Jiu Jitsu.

The boyfriend screamed in agony, bleeding out in tears, crying about his perfect nose being in ruins. While the nurse who was eavesdropping while being fed up with the cringe romance. And, quick enough, shared about her selling kidney to buy him an iPhone online. Of course, he got more popular, but all for the worst reasons. Guy’s a laughingstock now. Meanwhile, the girlfriend is sitting in the shower of her house. Right after leaving the hospital. Feeling deep remorse because she now has only one part of the kidney to use and no one to share that with. As for the phone, yeah he sold it off for his nose surgery. Not the ending everybody expected eh?

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Written by Excalibruh

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