Oil Shortage Is Heavy In NSU Area As NSU Junior Club Members Keep Saying “Sohomot Vai” To Seniors

North-South University may not rank among Bangladesh’s top universities, but it specializes in Buttering Boro Vais. In terms of student numbers, it is one of Bangladesh’s major private institutions. The 40-year-old NSU Boro Vai is still there as new students begin their freshman year. Even if the Boro Vai is wrong, “Sohomot Vai” is the only way to survive there. According to NSU club members, this is the tale of every new student at NSU.

Bashundhara At Risk

North-South University is sinking, and Bashundhara is drowning as well. The posh institution, which is located in the Bashundhara Residential Area, is in more danger than predicted. Bashundhara, which is rich in oil, has begun to collapse, and a shortage is discovered in 2021. Of course, the reason is NSU Junior Club members. How? Continue reading

Bashundhara was known as “Tel er Khoni” from 2016 to 2020, however, this is currently coming to an end. According to researchers, there will be no oil at all by 2023, putting Bangladesh in jeopardy.

Why Does North-South Universities LICK so much?

It should come as no surprise that ragging is widespread in private colleges, yet NSU has outperformed them all. The only way to survive at the institution is to retain the 40-year-old Boro Vais in your hands, while the other juniors become ragged every day. According to NSU Junior, oiling is the key.

” I thought it would be fun to start my adventure here, but it turns out that licking the 40-year-old Boro Vais here may drive you even farther to the summit. Trust me on this if you want to survive here.”

NSU Junior Club Member

The Boro Vais appear to know how to live here since they have been here for over 15 years yet are unable to graduate. They have built a Taj Mahal here that they are unable to leave. So today, no matter what they do or say, the juniors embrace the Boro Vais with “Sohomot Vai” and right and supported.

Scientists believe this has been going on for a long time and has to be stopped. Because of all the oil they poured on Boro Vais, the city is running out of oil. Oil will be extinct soon if the juniors keep oiling them up.

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