Ordered iPhone From Amazon, Came With Vimbar And A Coin!

An iPhone 12 was bought through Amazon’s Indian website by a customer from Kerala. The birth, on the other hand, terrified him. A Vimbar soap bar and five rupee coins emerged from the iPhone’s package!

On October 12, Aluvar Nurul Amin of Kerala, according to a reliable source, ordered Sadh’s iPhone. He also used his Amazon Pay account to make a payment of Rs 80,900. On October 15, he received his delivery. He found a carefully packaged Vimbar and a five rupee coin in the iPhone box as soon as he opened it.

Surprisee! Here’s Your Brand New iPhone From Amazon

Nurul Amin, on the other hand, stated that he had previously had doubts. He shops on Amazon on a regular basis. Orders are also tracked. He claims that the majority of Amazon deliveries reach Kochi in two days. It took three days for the package to arrive. He observed the cargo stalled for a day in Salem while tracking the order. For pricey orders, such as the iPhone, this is a concern.

Out of mistrust, he opened the package in front of the guy who delivered it to Amazon. Make a video of yourself doing it. Nurul Amin immediately contacted Amazon Customer Service. In addition, he filed a police report. The event was investigated by the cyber cell.

“We contacted Amazon authorities as well as the phone’s vendor,” the officer in charge of the investigation stated. It has been discovered that his order phone has been in use in Jharkhand since September 25 of this year. The order was placed in October, despite the fact that it was placed several days later. The merchant informed the cops that the iPhone 12 was now unavailable. The rupee of Nurul will be restored to him.

The merchant has refunded the rupee, Kerala police announced in a Facebook post. On Thursday, the money was restored to the victim’s account (October 22). The probe, however, is still underway.

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