Oreo May Be Using Man Tissue For Their White Layer

Whenever we hear cookies automatically Oreo comes to mind. Being the most widespread cookie around the world, there are very less people who haven’t heard of it. Our mouth gets wet thinking of the white cream in Oreo cookies and wonders why don’t they put enough whites in the blacks. Well, you are in delusion. Recently we have come to know the stuffing in the white cream that makes your mouth wet and trust me it’s not mouth-watering (technically). Whats the secret of Oreo and their stuffings?

Ever wondered that there are many copy brands of Oreo and try to copy their cookies badly but always failed? Their white cream was just not up to the mark even though their crunchy black solid was pretty much the same.

Yes, my friend, they just couldn’t copy the masterpiece for a reason.

The white cream that we all thrive for is made of man tissues. It’s true, TRUST ME. That’s the forbidden secret recipe of Oreo.

So that means are you eating man tissues With Oreo?

Don’t worry about it, the tissues are first filtered very carefully step by step. Later on, put into their secret mixture of liquid and that’s a secret of Oreo. Then it is mixed properly for you to get the premium taste. Keeping at 10 degrees Celsius to give you a mouthwatering cream.

Don’t get all disgusted with all these forbidden pieces of information. There are many things you eat and lick in your daily lives that you don’t even know how they are made. Don’t be shocked but it is said that if you knew how food components are made you would die starving.

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Written by Vibwritor

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