Parrot Can’t Stop Telling Owner To ‘F*** Off’ In Indian Accent

A gang of fans has gathered around an Indian parrot who can’t get enough of his dirty rants. Dooby, the crazy African Grey, enjoys telling his owner Sara to ‘f*** off.’ He even does it when she returns home from her long shifts at Mcdonalds’.

Nancy, 58, has chosen to make considerably more use of Dooby’s pranks. During the epidemic, cheering up all frontline Mcdonald employees. ‘He’s like a human,’ she added. “Bye Sara,” he says as soon as I put on my coat to walk out.

‘After his previous owner died, he came to us six months ago.’ He would just say “hi” and cough as though he had a lung infection at first.

‘Because I work long hours, he spends a lot of time with my mother.’ And now Dooby is swearing and talking with her when I get home.’ He simply knows how to respond to you for some reason. It’s clear that he’s only recently picked it up.

‘He’s nasty, but he’s also really clever.’ Despite the fact that he often tells us to “f*** off,” he’s a beautiful young man who we adore.’

Dooby The Parrot On Camera

Dooby was caught on camera humorously yelling, ‘Let me f***ing out!’

In his Teesside twang, the parrot adds ‘let us out for emphasis. When Nancy asks if he’ll be a ‘good boy,’ he responds flatly, ‘no.’ ‘Look at the f***ing mess!’ he says, pointing to the floor of his cage.

Dooby, on the other hand, had some kind words to say about his owner. He frequently tells her, “I love you,” and “give us a kiss.”

‘I’ve been working at the Mcdonald during the epidemic, and it’s been terrible,’ Nancy continued.

‘One of our coworkers was a Covid patient, and I showed my coworkers Dooby Videos.’ It made them feel much better at the conclusion of a difficult day.

‘He never fails to make me laugh when I return home from a shift at 5 a.m.

‘Despite our disagreements over whether or not he should be let out of his cage, he does so regularly.’

‘He treats us so badly, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.’

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