PewDiePie Wants To Check Out Bangladesh By Visiting The Country

The Swedish Youtuber, Felix Kjellberg, also known by his Youtube monikor, PewDiePie, wants to visit Bangladesh. Why BD of all countries he’s visited so far, well maybe his interest got peaked after the viral “dame kome mane bhalo, Kakoli furniture”.

PewDiePie has a subscriber count of 110 million. The 4th most subscribed YouTube channel after T-Series, YouTube Movies, and Music. While he doesn’t normally share his traveling experiences to people across the world, sometimes he would like a few exceptions.

Ok, But Why Though?

Bangladesh is slowly becoming cringe cultural ground. There’s so much of it, that research institutions have become more obsessed with trying to understand the psychology behind it all. PewDiePie wants in on the action.

From finding out why a daughter of some middle-class family is driving a rickshaw even though they are well-endowed. What’s the deal with having this “Borhani”. PewDiePie’s information is ever-growing with his fascination of such a place. Especially Dhaka.

Who knows, maybe he’ll ask some of us to help do a round 2 diss track for T-Series once again. Even if Bangladesh’s musical pedigree has come short these past few years, Felix no doubt believes in our manic nature. Our need to push ourselves towards the spotlight, even if it comes to it being a literal case of being insane.

Traveling bloggers are gonna have a hard time with this. Knowing some famous chump of a YouTuber managed to put Bangladesh in the news, Facebook feeds, and history in and of itself.

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Written by Excalibruh

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