Pokémon Last Episode: Pikachu Gets Vaccinated To Become Tikachu

Pikachu is often regarded as the most well-known and recognized of all the Pokemon. Pikachu has grown in popularity to the point that it now acts as the symbol for the Pokémon series. The show has lasted for decades and has been a huge hit. Unfortunately, the creators of Pokémon have decided to conclude the show with Pikachu’s brutal suffering.

Corona Virus

Aside from the actual world, the program’s makers have chosen to integrate the virus into the show as well. They figure that’s the only way to put an end to their show. The Pokemon world’s population is collapsing, as shown in the most recent episode. There is no other option with Pokemon dying here and there due to covid. However, Pikachu’s best buddy, Ash, was only thinking about him. Unquestionably, Ash explored the area for hours, looking for a solution to save it alone. In the conclusion, Ash has lost interest in his other pokemon and only cares for Pikachu.

Ash finds A Way to Save Pikachu

Finally, Ash discovers a cure to save Pikachu! He was told that in the mountain area, there is an underground hospital where he may get it vaccinated and rescue it from COVID. Ash travels there without hesitation and finds the hospital after a lot of effort. Because the doctor only has one dose of the vaccination, Ash chooses to rescue the pokemon rather than himself. The vaccination is inject by the doctor. The vaccination had startled Pikachu, who was unable to move and closed his eyes. Are you all OK, Pikachu? Ash became terrified and snatched it. Nothing elicited a response from it. Later, the doctor informed Ash that Pikachu is now Tikachu! Then he questioned tikachu, “thikachu?” which means “are you okay?” in Japanese.

Ash pulled Tikachu and cried as he hugged it. Pikachu is no longer living, he discovers.

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