Pori Moni Confesses Her Crush On Vin Diesel’s Bald Head

Pori Moni, a superior actress, woman, and player, isn’t immune to a crush. Recently Pori Moni has gone through a lot and finally again back on the streets. Was Pori running out of hot topics or what made her confess such a weird fetish of her? Yeah, Pori Moni has a crush on Vin Diesel’s bald head.

After being quite low-key for the past few months after her jail period, She has confessed the sarcasm to be on trending again.

A few days ago Pori Moni appeared in an interview on a talk show. There she was asked about what she was going through in her life and how good jail’s food was. Surprising answers were found from Pori Moni. She says she had eaten what she used to eat every day while at the home. There were guys who were big fans of her and had provided her with all the needs she wanted.

But lastly, when Pori Moni was questioned that why she was seen by so many men and which one does she actually like, The superstar had come up with the superstar answer.

” I actually don’t like any of the men that I have dated so far, if you ask me who do I actually like and will be loyal only towards is Vin Diesel.”

Vin Diesel’s Bald Head Is HOT- Pori Moni

In that interview, the famous actress explained how Vin Diesel’s bald head is so attractive to her. She points out the shininess of his bald. ” The shininess in Vin Diesel’s head is just outstanding, like how can some guy has a bald that shiny, definitely brighter than anyone future.”

The Bangladeshi actress falls in love with him every time she watches Fast And Furious. ” I would smash that Bald every day if I get the chance to” states Pori Moni.

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