Pori Moni: New Year New Sugar Daddy

Every day, Pori Moni surprises us with something new, like her new sugar daddies. She never disappoints us with her stories. Producers could even make a hit film if they merged all of her stories. When all Pori Moni does is go to a man’s birthday party and kiss them, why wouldn’t she have a great story?

There’s no way she made so much money as an actor, and her secret is eventually revealed. Pori Moni was recently seen with a number of men, posing in the same way with each of her partners. She was seen kissing a guy while holding a cake in her mouth, attempting to intimate her boyfriends. Thanks to Pori Moni for filming films that we were able to watch an innovative idea.

Red Or Black

Well Well Well! Which one should Pori Moni Pick? The red one or the black one? She is in desperate need of your assistance. She was spotted with a red Panjabi ancient man (must be super-rich) who she showered attention to on his birthday. Of course, the cake follows the same pattern. Putting it in his ancient dude’s lips to lure him, and then kissing him indirectly while the cake is still in his mouth. Sure, the old man’s breath stinks, but she needs the money, right? She must keep the old gentleman functioning in order for him to survive.

Pori Moni Is Smart

Some believe riches equals power, but isn’t it true that power equals power, bro? Pori Moni’s DB Officer Boyfriend is in a pickle. The DB officer has a lot of power, whereas the red guy has a lot of money. With the full assistance of a strong civil official, she will be able to conceal all of her crimes. Pori Moni, the wisest of them all, opted to retain them both because she is immortal because of Red Panjabi’s money and the DB officer’s authority. So you already know how to keep the cop in contact with you: kissing with cake on his face. But wait, maybe She doesn’t think her breath stinks. She really smooched him without any cakes in this picture. But don’t worry, her signature cake move was present as well.

Now that she’s in the spotlight, she’s been caught with a few of his lovers. She needs to choose one of them. Pori Moni is looking for assistance.

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Written by Vibwritor

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