Porimoni Chases To Beat Joker Cause She Is The New Clown

Porimoni has been confirmed to have auditioned for the next Joker film. She has become extremely psychologically disturbed as a result of all of these events. And you already know what Porimoni needs when she is in a state of instability. Yes, it is alcohol, but the defense officials have seized her only love. As a broke actress, she auditioned for the upcoming Joker film in the hopes of landing the job and earning some money.

Joker Comes Bangladesh To Visit Porimoni

When Joker saw Porimoni’s name on the audition list, he flew to Bangladesh right away to see whether she was real. Porimoni did indeed attend the audition, as Joker confirmed. Joker became worried after assessing Porimoni’s acting abilities and aggressively requested that her name be removed from the list. Porimoni was obviously enraged and chased him from Banani to Mirpur. Joker was terrified of her athletic abilities and couldn’t compete with her. After all of these taunts, Joker returned home, intending to do his best for the part in the upcoming New Joker film.

She has needs too

Porimoni confessed to the press why is she steal someone else’s food. See, she got needs too, and based on that she is broke there’s no choice. This young actress needs alcohol to calm her from all the incidents and get mental peace. Yet, no one is helping her to drink some of the good stuff. Porimoni has also asked the defense officials to return her bottles of alcohol back as mercy. But sadly, they ignored her hard and straightly said they can’t return it as of their policies.

Porimoni is putting in her best effort for the role and has requested all of her followers to rally behind her as she represents Bangladesh. If she is chosen, she will be the first Bangladeshi actress to get a role in Hollywood. Porimoni is convinced that she can make a difference.

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