in Reveals Almost All Anonymous User Details Calling It A Data Breach

How y’all folks are familiar with social media platforms like Profoundly where you can ask users random questions anonymously. Well it has been a trend since the launch of the infamous back in the year 2010. is one of many social networking sites with such a scheme which happens to go through an anonymous outbreak of secretly asked questions.

What Really Happened?

Back in the year 2019, a similar story surfaced on the internet which shook the world and causing many users to almost risking their lives to prevent it from happening. The news broke the internet which later was improvise by the Near Group to be a hoax causing the Profoundly ( site to be viral. In the year 2021, we are almost at the same outbreak as before but this time the issue is quite serious and intense for the team to handle. Profoundly’s most of the data are breaching seriously which is causing harm to a lot of users of the platform as they used the medium to ask questions anonymously.

The Threat

Users are frighten as they are experiencing exposure for the questions they asked anonymous. But why isn’t Profoundly taking about measure regarding the breach? Well, isn’t it obvious that they really wanted this to occur. The scheme they are set upon is actually risking the lives of numerous users and being terrified. The users are also deleting their accounts which will eventually cause them not to use the Profoundly anymore.

Are you a part of this biggest hoax?

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