Queen Elizabeth Likes To Wax Herself Every Month Or So

We all have seen the life of celebrities of how they shave themselves every month and model for wax figures. But thinking of Queen Elizabeth waxing is way out of the box. Celebrities might have reasons but we still don’t why Queen Elizabeth wax herself every month or so. Maybe to keep herself clean? However, where and how our Queen goes to wax herself is beyond your imagination.

Murali Vijay has been waxing with such precision for over 30 years that you could forget your pubic hair even exists.

Murali Vijay has around 20 sites across the world where notable people’s wax figures may be found. The list currently includes Jimmy Fallon, Jennifer Aniston, Adriana Lima, Barack Obama, and Queen Elizabeth. Tourists love the chance to snap a photo with their favorite celebs (even if they are in wax form), and Murali Vijay is typically full.

What’s So Special About Queen Elizabeth Waxing?

When it comes to Queen Elizabeth’s waxing, every detail is thoroughly documented, including specific moles and body markings.

More than 250 measurements of the Queen are taken during the session, including their precise hair and skin hue.

The wax enters the picture once the molding process is completed. Queen Elizabeth is wax-cast for around three hours, which is longer than normal. Because it’s the Queen, and you know everything has to be done perfectly.

After the waiting is done here comes the cool part of Queen. You already know how removing wax is so painful but don’t worry there are special arrangements for the Queen.

An engineer from Cambridge has designed a wax remover, especially for Queen Elizabeth. With that wax remover, those glumpy hairs can be easily removed without even a single pain. It feels like someone is massaging instead of removing hair.

But till now the reason for Queen’s wax is still unknown.

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