Raba Khan’s Phone Was Unable to Detect Her Face Without Makeup

Raba Khan is a Bangladeshi entertainer best known for her YouTube channel, The Jhakanaka Project, which features mostly humorous videos. Khan’s humorous videos have made her a household figure among young Bangladeshis. Some are sarcastic, with societal issues and stereotypes being addressed. She spends the majority of her time these days on Facebook, where her page has over half a million likes. But it’s her makeup that draws in all the teenage girls and makes her feel beautiful. Bangladeshi Kylie Jenner

iPhone to be blamed

According to Raba Khan, she is now dealing with the world’s most difficult challenge. Raba Khan’s new iPhone 12 refuses to open with her face id every time she puts on makeup and feels attractive. Every time, Raba Khan asks, “What is this Apple phone?” She has established her facial id without the use of makeup, and she suffers from it on a daily basis.

New Shoot New Face Id

Raba Khan was able to sit back during the lockdown since she didn’t have to go out, which meant she didn’t have to wear as much makeup. But she had to film videos in order to stay famous, right? So she discovers that the same sh*tty face id doesn’t work any longer. She has devised a solution that is the most appropriate for her. Every time Raba Khan changes her makeup appearance, she changes her face id lock. All she has to do now is alter it after makeup and then after makeup again.

Without a doubt, Raba Khan had had enough of remaining silent. She blasted the huge business, Apple, in one of her latest videos. Additionally, Raba Khan claimed that despite the high price, the company does not care about its clients. Many modern females, like her, are dealing with the same issue, and Apple must take something. If she doesn’t see a change in iPhone13, the Facebook superstar says she’ll start a campaign to get Apple banned.

Are you with her?

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