Rajshahi MP Asked Airline To Provide Passengers With Hand Fans

Omor Faruk Chowdhury, a member of the Awami League’s Rajshahi-1 (Tanor-Godagari) constituency, made the strange demand on Thursday after flying from Dhaka to Rajshahi on a US-Bangla Airlines aircraft. The demand was very interesting from a Rajshahi MP.

Rajshahi MP Faruk faces criticism for inciting violence | Dhaka Tribune

Aboard Thursday, Omor Faruk Chowdhury, Rajshahi MP made an unusual request. After flying from Dhaka to Rajshahi on a US-Bangla Airlines flight. Moreover, the situation was expose by the Rajshahi-1 MP in a Facebook post.

“I’ve just arrived in Rajshahi. Inside the US-Bangla airlines jet, it was unbearably hot. I’ve written to the airline authorities requesting that each passenger given a hand fan “he writes

With his Facebook post, he also included a photo of the written application.

“When the plane was grounded, the door was open, and the air conditioning was turned off. The minister may have been uneasy because of the temperature at the time “When The Business Standard contacted US-Bangla Airlines for comment on the event, general manager (PR) Kamrul Islam stated.

However, the is really trying his best to contribute to the world. The Rajshahi MP’s complaint may not get fixed but at least he tried.

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