Relationship Fades with Faded Makeup

Isn’t it true that rainy days call for romance? Who wouldn’t want to go on a date in this tremendous romantic weather? Well, at least that’s what Rafi thought while asking his girlfriend Sadia out. However, Little did he knew what his eyes were going to witness.

Just like any other romantic boyfriend, Rafi called out Sadia as soon as he saw little raindrops. Forcing Sadia to come out on a date. She tried to make Rafi understand that this is not a good time for their date and she can’t come in this rain. After all this “Selim bujh”, she couldn’t convince Rafi. He being the emotional and sugardaddy one, asked the “Gold Plated iPhone12” back if Sadia can’t come today. Like any other girl, she was afraid of losing a sugardaddy.

Sadia analyzed the pros and cons before deciding to face the rain. The wonderful couples planned to meet in Dhanmondi’s park. Rafi’s heart warms as he sees his lovely lady. When Rafi watched Sadia emerge from a vehicle wearing a red saree, time seemed to slow down for him.

Artificial Makeup And Beyond

Rafi likes walking with her hands in his pockets. This romantic weather aroused his interest more. Rafi and Sadia began strolling and discussing the name they will give their baby. Is it going to be Radia or Sara? Rafi is a big fan of nature, so he kept an eye on it while they chatted. Sadia was unhappy with Rafi’s lack of attention to her. “Why aren’t you looking at me?” she said aggressively. The end game had arrived as Rafi gazed at her.

As he imagined Sadia replacing herself with a random third gender, Rafi immediately took her hands away and asked, “Who are you?” She instantly became black skin as makeup poured down from her face. Rafi saw Sadia without makeup for the first time, and he didn’t even recognize her. Hundreds of questions sprang in his mind as a result of that one makeup less face. Is that the girl I used to date? Is it true that I spent all of my money on this girl? Sadia unexpectedly asked as to what had happened to him and what was wrong with him.

Rafi can no longer be nasty to her, yet he must end their relationship. Rafi made a sad face motion and uttered only one thing. “You’ve lost the ability to stroke.”

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Written by Vibwritor

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