Salman Khan Makes Fun Of Shah Rukh Khan After Aryan Khan’s Arrest

It is seen. Salman Khan paid a late-night visit to Shah Rukh Khan’s Mumbai house on Sunday, only hours after the superstar’s son, Aryan Khan, was arrested by a drug enforcement agency. Salman Khan was spotted in the backseat of a white Vehicle being driven through the gates of ‘Mannat,’ Shah Rukh Khan’s home.

As we all know in the past that Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan don’t get along. There’s a lot of past in their era and we all know about it. But now, why did Salman Khan visited Shah Rukh Khan’s house and also right after Aryan Khan’s arrest.

According to the source, Dabangg’s hero went to Mannat for insulting Shah Rukh Khan. After Aryan Khan’s arrest for abusing drugs, Salman Khan didn’t think twice and straight went to Shah Khan’s home.

Salman Khan Insults Shah Rukh Khan

However, as Salman went to his house he called Shah Rukh to come down. Shah Rukh didn’t know who had come and asked him to come down like this. Nevertheless, out of anger Shah Rukh had come down and was surprised by Salman’s presence.

” Salman!! What are you doing here?”

” Are you watching the news?” Salman asks

” Yes, I have seen the news and also asked for verification and I think it’s false news”

Salman Khan laughed at him as soon as he said this. Instantly questioning Shah Rukh’s parenting method. ” Look at the best Bollywood hero’s son consuming such cheap drugs! Don’t you give him enough pocket money?” Salman Khan questions.

Shah Rukh was shock by this behavior of his. “Right after this incident, he came up to my home 20 years later just to insult my son’s drug problem?” The Bollywood actor instantly asked Salman to leave his house for his betterment or he is going to call the police for backup.

The Two Khans from Bollywood have made the most impact in Bollywood and now look at them fighting each other. What a pity!

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