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Salman Muqtadir: Evaly Took Away Their Gifted Bike

Well, the expected happened unexpectedly. It was bound to happen today or tomorrow and finally happened. Evaly has played their game very well with the Certified Playboy Salman Muqtadir. But now look who got played here, the biggest player of all time. On 14 June, Salman Muqtadir posted a picture of him with Yamaha R15 Bike where he thanked Evaly for sending it really fast. And this is where the mastermind Evaly Marketing overtook Salman Muqtadir in the tag “Player.”

Evaly: The Bigger Player Than Salman Muqtadir

No wonder why Evaly has managed to fool the whole world. They are smart, no doubt. They have done their free marketing through Salman Muqtadir really well. Wait what? How is it free? Our simple mind won’t just click to the Trump Card Evaly just played.

Evaly sent one of the top-notch bikes available in Bangladesh at Salman Muqtadir’s Doorstep. Well, like any common man, this half celebrity also got excited seeing that R15 parked outside his house. Salman didn’t think twice and instantly clicked some pictures and uploaded them on social media promoting Evaly.


Evaly has shown its true colors to common mango people only but now to this half celebrity too. After letting Salman Muqtadir keep the bike for exact 3 months, he had done enough marketing with the bike. Showing everyone on social media how fast Evaly is and how good they are but only to get betrayed. Yesterday, suddenly Evaly officials have appeared on Salman’s doorstep just like the bike. But the case is different now. Evaly officials say that the bike has been delivered to the wrong address by their delivery man. Opppsiee! They have taken back the bike and comforted Salman that his bike will arrive soon.

Ah, so good plays, free marketing for 3 months with no cost. Now, this is what marketing is called. Out of rage, Salman Muqtadir posted a status on social media, saying “Evaly cheated on me like every other girl did.”

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Written by Vibwritor

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